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Hakika Organic Fertilizer

Today’s modern agriculture and planting encourages soil fertility management and improvement. We understand this need and we offer a blended nutrient rich organic fertilizer made from an advanced science formulation. Our product contains natural growth promoters, beneficial micro-organisms that help in weed control and preserve soil moisture thus requiring less water for irrigation.

In the end the smiling farmers will experience more harvest, fertile soil, healthy and delicious grown food.

Our fertiliser hakika is available in 25kg and 50kg bags. Hakika organic fertiliser is perfectly suitable for growing fresh fruits and vegetables, healthy food crops and flowers.

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Guavay is a premium organic fertilizer manufacturing company in Dar es Salaam. The company uses a huge fraction of poorly disposed organic waste from food markets and residential areas to produce and sell 100% quality solid organic fertilizer.

Branded as "Hakika Organic Fertilizer" which is now in the market it can widely be used to grow fresh fruits and vegetables, healthy food crops and for flowers/landscaping.

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Ahad Katera



Willium Azariah

Marketing and Brand Manager


Latifa Mafumbi

Quality Assurance and R&D Manager


Noah Bendera

Production and Operations Manager

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